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Product Features



Sururu makes you have freshly ground tea leaves that are highly nutrition and are good for beauty, health, and rejuvenation.

• Green tea offers many anticipated health benefits including preventing skin aging and helping to regulate mood.

• Grinding tea leaves into a powder lets you get all the vitamin E, dietary fiber and other nutrients left behind in used leaves.

• The human body cannot store certain nutrients found in tea leaves, such as catechin and vitamin C, so drinking tea several times a day is important. You will notice the difference in flavor and freshness when you drink a cup of freshly ground tea.


Uses millstone ceramic burrs to preserve flavor

• The ceramic burrs grind tea leaves slowly without heating up, preventing leaf oxidization, and letting you enjoy the true flavor of your tea.

• Made from ceramic, the burrs can be washed in water without rusting, making it easy to keep Sururu clean.


Drinking tea leaves whole means no used leaves, and no need for a teapot.

• Sururu can grind leaves in small amounts, eliminating excess powder.

• Tea powder is a smart way to drink tea as there are no used leaves to throw away.
• With no need for a teapot, there is less to wash.


Sururu’s compact size makes it easy to use anywhere, anytitime

• Handle stores cleanly and compactly.
• Designed to keep tea powder from leaking.
• Carrying pouch fits slimly in a bag or purse.
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